Stay Fit


How you prepare your food should also be a basis in your weight loss goals and plans to eat healthier overall. We are very aware in designing products for those who are serious about good health and good cooking, specifically on calorie reduction, weight loss, and healthy cooking.

WEIGHT LOSS  One of the biggest reasons we would encourage people to think about when making weight loss goals would be that our cookware requires NO grease or cooking in food preparation. Since you are cooking on stainless steel waterless cookware, your food seals in all those nutrients, and no harmful contaminants from the actual cookware.

Each cover has a control system knob allowing you to cook just below the boiling point–preventing healthy vitamins and minerals from being cooked out. There is only a 2% average mineral loss with our waterless cooking method – up to 20 times the retention of vitamins, nutrients and minerals versus traditional cooking methods.

YOUR BUDGET  Our cookware is so efficient, you can even stack cook several units on one burner! The energy and cost savings are endless. This feature comes in handy especially during holiday cooking when you need more than the standard 4 burners.

With our Nutrithermic Compact Base, it picks up even the slightest amount of heat and quickly distributes it evenly. Our cookware is engineered to cook on lower heat greatly increasing energy efficiency and lowering your monthly energy bill.

Every piece of our cookware has the Moisture Lock Condensing Groove. This feature creates a semi-vacuum which locks in all the aroma, moisture and most importantly, heat inside your cooking unit. By keeping all this energy and moisture locked in, your foods will cook faster and naturally be more juicier and tender.